How to produce music with no experience

How to produce music with no experience
How to produce music with no experience

If you have thoughts about being able to produce music tracks, then this article is for you. Many people think that it takes a lot to produce music, but it does not. Nowadays, making a music hit has never been easier, and this article will teach you how to get started producing music.

Due to technological development, you can nowadays produce complicated music tracks with a relatively cheap computer and a good sound card. It also depends on what type of music genre you want to make.

If you want to produce pop, rap, or house music, you can use a computer with a music program.

How to find a music program to produce music with
How to find a music program to produce music with

How to find a music program to produce music with

When you need to find a music program, start by figuring out which genre you want to produce. You can produce all kinds of music genres on all music programs, but some music programs are more popular than others in different genres.

The music program FL Studio is probably the most popular in the world. This is due in part to the fact that it is easy and intuitive and that it is easy to learn and use. In addition, there are several thousand plugins for FL Studio which provide endless possibilities for music production. Especially in hip hop and rap beats, FL Studio is often used. Therefore, there are also many plugins that one can use to produce beats.

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In pop music, Logic Pro is often used, which is a music program for Apple computers. Big pop songs have been created with this program.

Ableton is also usefully used for pop music and rap music. Ableton can be used on both Windows computers and Apple computers.

As mentioned earlier, some music programs are available for both Apple computers and Windows computers, and some only work for one type. Therefore, you need to find out which system you like best.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of popular music programs that can be downloaded illegally and for free. Although a music program can be expensive, we always encourage you to purchase the music program from the provider. It is important to support the companies that make the music programs so that new updates come in the future. One can be allowed to try some music programs for free and this is a good idea to do before choosing the final program.

Which computer is best for music production?

To start with, find out if you want a desktop computer or a laptop. Some music producers use many USB devices for music production. These can be, for example, MIDI keyboard, sound card, and synthesizer. Therefore, you must take into account how many USB inputs there should be in a computer. Alternatively, you can buy some USB hubs which provide access to multiple UBS ports.

In addition, the computer must be powerful and able to run the music program without any problems. At the beginning of the music production career can the program run without any problems, but the more technical the music becomes, the more the computer must be able to handle it. For example, if there are many layers of music playing at the same time, the computer may crash and the program will shut down. You can even find out that it does not save the music project, and then a potential music hit may be ruined.

If you are often on the go and want to be mobile, then this is a laptop you need to produce music with. Many well-known music producers use gaming laptops as they are most often built to handle heavy gaming applications. Therefore, they can also handle music programs.

Find the right headset or speakers to produce music with
Find the right headset or speakers to produce music with

Find the best headset or speakers to produce music with

One of the most important things to remember when producing music is that the music sounds good on the audio devices that are to play the music.

Especially when mixing your music, you must use a good headset or good speakers. This way you get the best mix that you can upload to audio media or send to a singer or rapper. Poor quality can impair the chances of making an impact with the music.

There are also many different preferences to listen to music on. Some music producers need to listen to the music on certain speakers or certain headsets.

However, a lot has also happened with the development of speakers and headsets. There are examples of famous music producers who have started with cheap headsets. Everything is possible and you can reach far in the music industry with cheap music equipment.

Learn how to produce music on YouTube
Learn how to produce music on YouTube

Learn how to produce music on YouTube

It can be overwhelming to have to start from scratch to learn about music production. Therefore, you must take a few steps at a time. There are thousands of relevant videos where you can learn all about music programs and how to make different pieces of music on YouTube.

To begin with, these YouTube guides can help you gain a basic understanding of a music program and what the various elements can do. As you learn more about the possibilities of the chosen music program, you can dive into some more technical YouTube tutorials. There are also many video guides for producing specific genres. 

When it comes to mixing and mastering music, there are also YouTube tutorials on different music programs. It is not all techniques that can be found on YouTube.

If it is professional mixing and mastering you are looking for, then you may need to purchase courses. You can see different music production courses here.

Ten things before you start producing music

We have found ten things that are good starting points before you start your music production career.

  1. Find out which music genre you like and which you would like to be able to produce.
  2. Find out if you want to produce music with vocals or without vocals.
  3. Find out if you want to produce music for other singers and rappers or yourself as an artist.
  4. Try some different music programs and find out which program that works best for you.
  5. Find a good headset or good speakers that can play clear and distinct sounds.
  6. Study some YouTube tutorials in music production. There are many different types of tutorials for different music genres.
  7. Download some released music projects for a music program to study how a producer uses the same music program as you.
  8. Find some cool plugins and sample packages with some sounds that will capture you.
  9. Find instrumental tracks you like and listen to them without vocals to learn more about the instrumental structure.
  10. Try to be original. To be inspired by other music producers is okay, but to be the best producer, you have to be different and creative.

If you are interested in learning and reading more about how to produce music, click here.

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